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The First Night
You awake up in an unknown forest which stretches off into the horizon towards a mountain, you don't known how you got here and you remember nothing of the last few days. The forest was made up of deciduous trees and there was also a few flowers and mushrooms around on the ground. Your first priority is to survive your first night in this world and for that you will need food and shelter. The easiest way for you to get a shelter would be to chop down a tree but as you have nought but your clothes on you how are you going to do that. You consider your options for a few seconds whether you can survive here and try and do something with the trees or go off into the woods and look for people. You decide to try and go and look for people and the best direction to go to would be towards the mountain.
After travelling for an hour in the direction of the mountain you come across a log cabin in the forest. You shout to see if there's anyone around and go up to it but it appears to be abandoned. So you open the unlocked door and see that all there is in the log cabin is an old chest with a rusty lock on it. You manage to pull the lock of the chest and in it you find a wooden sword, a stone axe and a worn leather cap but no food. You pick up the items and put the sword through your belt, wear the cap and you carry the axe, and you then give a quick look around the cabin just in case you missed something, but only see dirt on the floor. You leave the cabin and carry on your way, it is now midday as you started out in the morning.
After a further two hours of traveling you come to the end of the forest and see a grass plain in front of you populated by pigs that heads to the mountain but no signs of civilisation. You decide to see if you can catch some of these pigs as you were in need of food and you can store their meet for later and find a way to cook them. So you go down onto the plain and head for the pigs they don't appear to be afraid of you and you get close enough to one of them to hit them with the stone axe and then you quickly get some raw pork chops from the carcass. You then head on your way towards the mountain.
After a few more hours of travel and as the sun is setting you come across a cave entrance at the base of the mountain, you decide as its getting dark you might as well make camp in the cave until the dawn. As you go into the dark cave you get the strange feeling that you are being watch but as you turn around you don't see anything out there so you just shrug it off and go into the cave. You find a skeleton at the back of the cave that has some torches, flint and steal and firewood in a knapsack by him. So you relieve him of these possessions and make a fire and cook the pork chops you acquired from the plain pigs. After the nice meal you settle down for the night…
You are awoken in the middle of the night by rustling outside the cave and you go and investigate with a torch in one hand and the axe in the other. Outside you discover a wild spider the size of a pig and it lunges at you, so you swing your axe at him and take of one of its legs. It comes again and this time you hit it in the head killing him. You then go back to your cave and go back to sleep.
Later in the night you hear footsteps outside the cave, hoping it might be a human you collect your things and go outside to discover a creature with purple eyes…


simon siddall
United Kingdom
minecraft creations that is all


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